I began blogging just as I entered into “adulthood,” immediately following graduation in 2013 and moving into my first full time position. Originally, my focus for this blog was all about being a “twentysomething” and learning how to navigate the world on my own.

My story is woven around living on my own for the first time, building new relationships, money problems, and even a developing love of fitness. My writing has no agenda, aside from an honest disclosure of the highs and lows of my life’s journey, plus everything in between.

If I’ve learned anything from blogging about my experiences, it’s the understanding that everyone interprets these stories differently. Much like our own lives, something that seems wonderful at the time can be easily forgotten, or even a problem that can be solved after a few deep breaths may be first interpreted as an incredibly low point. My stories are honest, and I have learned to let go of the fear that my readers will judge my reaction to these experiences.

Thank you readers, for taking the time to visit and take a brief look into my life!

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