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Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Currently: Albany, NY
Likes: yellow, running, mobile-friendly content, reality TV, the Oxford Comma
Dislikes: broccoli, paper cuts, black pens, “last updated one year ago”

I am a recent graduate of SUNY Geneseo, class of 2013. During my undergraduate years, I studied Communication, Graphic Design and Computer Science while becoming involved in Residence Life and Student Activities on campus.

I like Photography
I like Photography, and I have a hard time closing one eye.

Being a Buffalo native, I am a Bills and Sabres fan no matter how much pain it may cause in my heart, and call it pop.  Aside from engaging in social media, I enjoy photography, software updates, as well as stand up comedy.

Professionally, my passion lies in higher education, specifically in marketing, social media, and content writing. I strive to be innovative, and work best in high-energy, collaborative environments.

My work is not my life, despite my role as co-host and producer of the Higher Ed Social Podcast. Outside of my working world, I have my own passions in fitness and volunteering, which I discuss in length in my blog.

My life journey has paralleled my fitness journey; being a “twentysomething” and navigating my way through the working world that I’ve watched others glide through, seemingly without trouble. If I’ve learned anything so far, it’s the cliche fake it ’til you make it really does hold true in a number of situations. From moving to new cities and navigating a social life to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, it has been far from smooth, but that, if anything, is confirmation that I am human.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    Sounds like a great blog, very relateable! I just turned 23 and decided to blog the insanity that happens in these years. I think you could really relate to my about page/backstory if you’re interested in checking it out!

  2. merrymuzak says:

    Hi Jackie! I’m currently a senior communication student at Geneseo, and I found your blog very relatable and very inspiring! I’m also from the Buffalo area (East Aurora) so it’s great to see another Buffalo person out there (Go Bills/Sabres!) It seems things are really working out for you in your career, and I hope they continue to do so! I also love your movie choices, by the way! If you like music, I hope you check out my blog as well and let me know what you think! I hope to meet you some day, and maybe I can meet up with you if I’m ever in the Albany area 🙂 My email is if you’d like to keep in touch, I’d love to hear about your personal experiences with the program and with how it’s been finding a job out in the world, from one former student to one who’s about to leave

  3. Jordan says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Sounds like you’ve got some great stories. You should consider writing for us. Seriously.

    Check out our website and fill out the “write for us” form if you’re interested.

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