Checking the Scale

When I started on Weight Watchers, I was terrified of the scale. I still am, but not as much because I’ve found a little more confidence.

I joined at 174 lbs, and now weigh roughly 155. It’s progress, but I still have a ways to go.

About six months ago, I reached a plateau. I was hovering around 159, and even though I stuck to the plan, exercised, and attended meetings, my weight didn’t change. Granted, that could have been from muscle gain, but I didn’t feel any better about the way my body looked – proving that something needed to change. I started using the FitBit and Aria scale, and have lost just about three pounds in three weeks. Not too shabby, I guess, considering that “good” feeling motivates me, and extends into my self confidence.

With Weight Watchers, I was weighed once a week. My results would be more drastic, but would also provide a more accurate guide as to weather or not I was truly making progress. Humans’ weight fluxuates on a daily basis, and so the weekly check was the way I didn’t drive myself insane by over analyzing my weight too often.

Now, I have my own scale, meaning I can get on it as often as I want. My lack of self control would have me on the scale three times a day, but I’ve finally calmed down to once a day, maximum.

Even once a day has its pros and cons. On the one hand, I am constantly reminded that my actions effect my body, while on the other, I train my brain to become discouraged much more easily. A gain of less than .5 lbs overnight would ruin my morning. Less than half a pound? I think I’ve pooped something heavier than that.

I still continue to weigh myself daily, no matter now discouraged I am. It starts my day with an analyzation of the choices I’ve made, and motivates me to work harder each day.

Question to you – do you weigh yourself daily? Weekly? Monthly? Whenever you’re near a scale? Tell me about it!


4 thoughts on “Checking the Scale

  1. day13simmons says:

    Daily! I weigh myself at the same time every morning before I get into the shower just so the results are consistent. You’ll likely get skewed readings if you weight yourself at different times, especially in the evenings.

    1. Jackie Vetrano says:

      I’ve been doing the same thing! Daily is hard because obviously, water weight and things fluctuate a lot, but I’ve been more interested in my BMI and then loss on a weekly basis. But, the daily check in helps me make my choices for the day, that’s for sure.

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