Tell Me I’m Funny!

Ugh. We're Wearing the Same Color Again.

Social media management in Higher Education is a little weird. At least, i think so. I’m running all these profiles to encapsulate the “voice” of the college…which is, what, exactly? Still not really sure. A college has a ton of different audiences with different agendas, and we’re a community college…which just ups the different “types” of people that are looking for information on our social media sites.

Right now, GCC is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and WordPress. That means lots of different types of content, and even more voices that I have to speak in. What I like best about social media is the fun and more “informal” feel that gives me a little wiggle room to take risks and have fun.

I’ve started to slowly determine what voice is going to speak on each social media platform. Facebook is a source for news and events, Twitter is…

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